Coolia Coolia is the journal of the Netherlands Mycological Society (NMV). Members of this society are actively concerned with mushrooms in The Netherlands, either professionally or as amateurs. Coolia is published four times a year and contains articles on various mycological subjects, including descriptions and detailed drawings of new species, (provisional) determination keys, news about the society, the excursion programme etc…
Contents of the most recent issue

Keys and descriptions in Coolia

Descriptions of particular species found in The Netherlands for the first time can be looked up in the indexes. This can be done by looking up the species name, (the second part or epithet of the binomial scientific name). For example: to find the description of Amanita muscaria look up 'muscaria'.
Download the indexes to Coolia (PDF)

Coolia occasionally publishes (provisional) determination keys. These may cover a whole genus, or sometimes even a family or tribe. The advantage is that such a key always covers Dutch material and is generally complete for all species known from The Netherlands (and sometimes Belgium). Such a key is then more complete than any book!
Via the link below you can find all the keys published in Coolia since 1962 under genus and family names. If you do not have the relevant issue of Coolia you can consult it in the NMV library.
Search determination keys in Coolia (in Dutch)